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A native of Clevelander, Torre calls Northeast Ohio home.  She has a genuine love for the city.  In November 2018, She returned home to Cleveland where her knowledge and experience created a new opportunity.  Torre is  passionate about changing lives through personal growth and career development.  She spent the last 10 years in Philadelphia honing her skills and fostering relationships that you are sure to benefit from.  Shortly after her arrival home she began to delve into real estate which was somewhat foreign, but not a far cry from her business background. Yet it was still a leap of faith.  Almost three years later Torre-Says is born! She is excited to share her challenges and successes with you here.  Investment real estate, home ownership, new construction and commercial are all ways to increase wealth.  She is excited to teach others her strategy that helped her

thrive and continually grow.  Through video training books and interactive media she is able to help others tap into their goals and ultimately give them the life they wish for!

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It's Your City. Live In It.

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The Real-A-Tea

Cleveland is ranked as the #1 best city in America to buy a home by Money Crashers, based on relative prices compared to regional and national averages, and prospects for further appreciation. The affordability of single-family homes in Cleveland is especially appealing to remote real estate investors and to people working from home.

Successful real estate investors know how to make money in any market cycle, which is one reason people are investing in Cleveland rental property. Cleveland is one of the most recession-resistant markets in the U.S., according to Crain’s Cleveland Business

When measured by the investment variables of home price volatility, home sales flips, average loan-to-value, and home price-to-income ratio, Cleveland ranks as one of the top four markets with the lowest risk of a real estate dip.

  • Cleveland–Elyria Metro home values have gone up 16.7% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 13.6% over the next 12-months.


  • Cleveland home values have gone up 25.1% over the past year (current = $98,093) and will continue to rise over the next twelve months.

"I am an open powerful committed leader," says our Chief at everything.Not only is she a leader in her craft, she empowers others to lead in the marketplace and in life!

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